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Stop Calling Sleep A “Productivity Hack”


Shakespeare wrote in 1606 that sleep was the “chief nourisher of life’s feast,”capturing the period’s feeling that our diurnal nature was something to embrace. But as history unfolds, the culture tide begins to shift against sleep. [...]

Stop Calling Sleep A “Productivity Hack”2019-06-21T06:42:40-08:00

Is This What Music Sounds Like At 30?


I guess I’ve always been drawn towards the darkness. Not the black-metal, hail-satan type of darkness, but anything that holds that unsettling urgency of angst or rebellion. I embraced the punk-rock mentality of Us vs [...]

Is This What Music Sounds Like At 30?2019-06-21T06:37:02-08:00

Are You Moving Toward Your Mountain?


My favorite commencement speech is by the author, Neil Gaiman. His elegant, yet simple call to action of, Make Good Art has been a beacon for creatives everywhere. The part of the speech that I find the [...]

Are You Moving Toward Your Mountain?2019-06-21T06:31:48-08:00
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