It’s hard to write an About page on yourself.

Who wants to read a 500-word humble brag?

One thing I can say is that I am very lucky. In my 29 trips around the sun, I’ve lived many different lives.

I grew up playing guitar in rock bands and touring the country with my best friends. That eventually led me to music journalism. Knowing the right people and the ability to turn a phrase allowed me to write coverage on some of my favorite artists.

Once, I agreed to write an article about a music festival because I wanted to impress a girl that would be there. That article opened up the doors for me to write about other festivals. Now I get invited to cover more concerts and events than I have time for.

I’ve had some success in business too. I worked for one of the largest alternative news publications and advertising agency on the west coast. My job was meeting local entrepreneurs and helping them create successful marketing campaigns. The best part—every day, business owners would meet me tell me their story. I never heard one I didn’t learn from.

I’ve also been the annoying telemarketer that calls during dinner. I’ve worked in parking garages. I’ve been a corporate sales trainer and traveled to international resorts where I was paid to teach people the things I was passionate about.

With success came failure. I’ve lost marketing programs I created due to poor decisions. I’ve surrounded myself with the wrong people for too long and let go of certain people too soon. One time, I misread a spreadsheet and made a mistake that cost my bosses and colleagues a lot of money. All because I was asleep at wheel. That was a bad week…

But life went on. I’m still here.

Pretty soon, I’ll be making new mistakes I’ll have to learn from.

I believe that the other side of learning is sharing. That’s what I’m most interested in right now—sharing what I learn from people, places, successes, failures.

In my current life, I’ve quit my job and run away to South America with my girlfriend. It’s the same girl I was trying to impress. I’m very lucky, remember?  

Now I write about the sweet spots in life where travel, love, and personal development intersect. I’ve had tons of adventures and learned hard lessons in the lives I’ve led. Somewhere along the way, I became a halfway decent storyteller.

Each day, I look for new ways to be creative. I read as many books as I can and write about what interests me. Each day, my list of interests grows.

That’s the other thing I’ve learned— the happiest people I’ve met in life are the ones that stayed interested.

For me, those are the secrets to life—keep learning and stay interested.

Hopefully, I can spark new interests for you too.