Corey McComb is a writer based in San Diego, CA. After being kidnapped by the rock n’ roll circus at the age of 16, he was forced to strum his way across the country and back again. He then toiled as a peon in parking garages and seedy telemarketing pits until becoming an International Man of Mystery (classified). In search of free concert tickets, he moved on to music journalism and began a steamy love affair with the blank page.

Corey now helps people and companies validate ideas, tell their story, and launch products. His own writing focuses on the sweet spots in life where human connection, creativity, and personal growth intersect. Through blog posts, essays, and the occasional short story, Corey examines the human condition and new ways of thinking.

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TED Audition

Rough Draft - TEDx    What is – ACT 1 I was laying in bed on a Saturday night back in 2018. This was during a time when I was deep in hole of emotional [...]

Thanks, But No Thanks

I recently said “no” to a new business opportunity. It was hard to turn down, given that I had already said “yes.” But somewhere between agreeing over the phone and waiting for the contract to [...]

The Hard Thing About Easy Things

I was getting a haircut last week and my stylist was complaining about the dating scene. “I blame the apps. There are too many people, too many options. When you can set dates up with [...]

Self-Reflection: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

What is consciousness? The word gets thrown around in science fiction films, branded as the final divide between humans and robots. Is it the capacity to feel guilt or gratitude? The chill on the back of the [...]

How Productivity Gets in the Way of Your Success

A successful businessman sat down for his flight when he saw another man board the plane. The new man’s bag was covered with patches of flags from different countries. His eyes were heavy, but he [...]

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