Corey McComb is a writer and marketing strategist based in Los Angeles, CA. After being kidnapped by the rock n’ roll circus at the age of 16, he was forced to strum his way across the country and back and again. He then toiled as a peon in parking garages and seedy telemarketing pits until becoming an international man of mystery (classified). In search of free concert tickets, he became a music journalist and so began a steamy love affair with the blank page.

Corey now helps people and companies tell their stories in new ways. He specializes in launching 6 and 7-figure crowdfunding campaigns and growth strategies for entrepreneurs and writers. His own writing focusing on the sweet spots in life where human connection, personal development, and creativity intersect. His work has been featured everywhere from Thrive Global, Thought Catalog, Wanderlust, and many others.

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"When you put creativity into everything, everything becomes available to you." -Robert Rodriguez