How To Not Smoke Your Own Crack


In our last post, we talked about Steve Martin and the usefulness of being delusional while chasing our dreams. It's equally important, however, to never become blind to reality. Richard Feynman was a Nobel prize winning [...]

How To Not Smoke Your Own Crack2019-05-29T08:41:07-08:00

Steve Martin’s Delusions of Grandeur


Before Steve Martin became an international sensation, he spent 20 years floundering in tiny clubs.There were ten years of learning and another ten years of mediocre results until he reached the critical mass that would propel him [...]

Steve Martin’s Delusions of Grandeur2019-05-29T08:41:11-08:00

John Muir And The Stoics Take A Nature Walk


Few men have captured the magnificence of nature through the written word like explorer and preservationist, John Muir. It was during his first trip to Alaska in 1879 that he stumbled upon Glacier Bay and was [...]

John Muir And The Stoics Take A Nature Walk2019-05-29T08:41:19-08:00

Thomas Edison’s Imagination Superhighway


There’s little irony that the man who forever disrupted our internal clocks wasn’t a fan of going to sleep. In 1922, Thomas Edison wrote in his diary: “The man who sleeps eight or ten hours a [...]

Thomas Edison’s Imagination Superhighway2019-05-29T08:41:23-08:00
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