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Productivity Is For Robots – Free Sample

“Everything moves too fast now. The world is run by computers. The world is run by robots. And sometimes they ask us if we’re robots. Just cause we’re trying to log on and look at [...]

While The Heat Is In You

If you’ve ever belted out the lyrics to the Elton John song Rocket Man while driving down the highway, you have a man named Bernie Taupin to thank. Bernie was the longtime lyricist who wrote [...]

Gather The Allies

  This is an excerpt from my new book, Productivity Is For Robots . . . In the late sixties—before any of them ever had a hit movie—filmmakers Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Brian De Palma, [...]

Your Brain On Nature

  This is a chapter from my book, Productivity Is For Robots . . . The author and journalist, Florence Williams is zig-zagging through a patch of prickly pear cacti toward the San Juan River. [...]

Find Your Wabi-Sabi

  This is a chapter from my upcoming book, Productivity Is For Robots. . . . Miles Davis was only 18 years old when he first sat in on trumpet with his bebop heroes, Charlie [...]

Your Brain On Chaos

Since her death, the painter and revolutionary figure Frida Kahlo has become a symbol for struggle, art, and heartache. She was diagnosed with polio at the age of six and spent nine months in bed, [...]

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