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7-Days To Creative Freedom

This FREE e-course shows you how to write viral blog posts, grow an audience, and leverage your work for opportunity and adventure.

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Ready to develop a daily writing habit?

This FREE Course includes a collection of lessons and advice from some of the best writers to ever live.

Each day, receive a new lesson, writing prompt, and bonus material from the Take The Leap Blogging course to take your writing to the next level.

“Don’t get it write, just get it written.” -James Thurber

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Take The Leap Blogging

A  Guide To Finding Your Voice, Sharing Your Work, And Building Your Platform

What if you could build a platform to showcase your work, grow a loyal audience, and unlock opportunity without compromising creative freedom?

This course is specially designed for creatives ready to share their work and harness the power of platform.

I’ll show you how I grew my audience to over 20,000 in just over a year and use my blog to generate income and adventure.

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