The Beatles get plenty of credit for being social innovators, but few people realize how far ahead of their time they actually were. Hidden between messages of free love and forward thinking, the fab four left behind lessons in something far more important. And we all know the only thing more important than peace and love: Instagram.

So, if you’re looking to grow your page, engage more with your audience, or are strictly in it for the likes, curl up with your Stg. Pepper vinyl and go down this list of Rules For Instagram According to The Beatles.

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When we look at our work, our art, or any value we’re adding to the world, at some point, we have to ask, “Would they miss me if was gone?”

This isn’t a life or death hypothetical. “They” can be customers, “me” can be a product. But regardless of what type of creative space we’re in, we need to know where we stand with our audience.

Ask yourself: “Who’s looking forward to what I do next?” Put another way: “Do I matter or am I being tolerated?”

Because of all the metrics we use to measure success—how much we matter is the most important.

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