When you walk into my house the first thing you see is a tall bookcase screaming out, “Hey look at me and all these books! You must think I’m pretty smart, huh?”

There’s a shelf of novels I never finished and a stack of others I reread each year. There’s Roman philosophy, Holocaust horror, and first-hand accounts of the Civil War. Step inside and Awaken The Giant Within, hang with Dale Carnegie, or get lost in the woods with Thoreau.

My self-help section spills over into the “business” and “biography” stacks, taking up precious shelf space. Of course, like Marc Maron once wrote, “All my books are self-help books. Just having them makes me feel better.”

Yes, my Ikea bought tower of knowledge says, “Oh I read alright. Let me tell you.”

There’s just one problem…

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The Beatles get plenty of credit for being social innovators, but few people realize how far ahead of their time they actually were. Hidden between messages of free love and forward thinking, the fab four left behind lessons in something far more important. And we all know the only thing more important than peace and love: Instagram.

So, if you’re looking to grow your page, engage more with your audience, or are strictly in it for the likes, curl up with your Stg. Pepper vinyl and go down this list of Rules For Instagram According to The Beatles.

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Of all the habits I’ve incorporated into my life this year, waking up at 5 am has been the most valuable. In the early morning, my canvas is still blank and I’m at my most creative. It’s before the colors of a morning commute run down my sides and the sloppy brushstrokes of emails and text messages find me.

My canvas gets filled as the day goes on and the window of possibility gets smaller. By the afternoon I’m bleeding. Heavy with half-dried paint.

But in the predawn darkness, my canvas glows white and my color wheel is full. The slate has been wiped clean and everything is new. Everything is possible.

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I was clenching my teeth again. I know when I’ve been doing it because I’ll yawn and my jaw will go POP! If that’s too much information for a first sentence I’ll just give you the gist of what this is all about now: I stumbled upon one of those little mental tricks, or hacks, that’s helped me find some extra balance. I’m going to tell you what it is.

But first let me ask: Do you ever put everything you have to do and everything you want to do on a mental carousel and get dizzy watching it go round and round? I just realized while writing this that people only get dizzy watching a carousel spin, not riding one.

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A friend of mine went home sick from work last week with a fever. Things got worse and he went to the emergency room. The doctor had worked in the ER for 20 years and told him he’d never seen anything like this. They both panicked.

The doctor said it might be Sepia, an autoimmune disease that kills a million people per year within hours of being diagnosed. They ran tests. Nothing. My friend sat all alone in the hospital all night wondering if he would ever see the morning.

But he did. The tests came back negative (at hospitals negative test results are actually a positive. I hate hospitals.) The next day was the best day of his life. He woke up and felt lucky to go to work. All the worries that plagued him a few days before had vanished.

It’s funny how that works. How, it takes something horrible to happen to make us realize just how great we have it The majority of lottery winners end up worse off financially than they were before and say how it ruined their lives. Yet, cancer survivors tap into deeper meanings of life and say, “It was the best thing that ever happened to me.”

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