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How To Collaborate With Catastrophe


On one of the first days of shooting his film, From Dusk Till Dawn, Robert Rodriguez wiped the sweat from his neck and focused his camera toward a gas station filled with dynamite. It was the [...]

How To Collaborate With Catastrophe2019-06-06T12:08:36-08:00

Traveling Between The Two Levels Of The Universe


In Steven Pressfield's latest book, The Artist's Journey, he explains how there are two levels to the universe: "The first level is the material world, the visible physical sphere in which you and I dwell."And then the [...]

Traveling Between The Two Levels Of The Universe2019-05-29T08:40:53-08:00

Are You Moving Toward Your Mountain?


source One of my all-time, favorite commencement speeches is by the author, Neil Gaiman (American Gods, The Graveyard Book, The Sandman Series). His simple call to action of, "make good art" has become a mantra for creatives everywhere. The [...]

Are You Moving Toward Your Mountain?2019-05-29T08:40:56-08:00

A Navy Seal On Finding Freedom


When we think about creativity, we think of words like playful and natural. But there is yin and yang to creativity. Where one side contains looseness, ease, and intoxication, the other side is discipline. Pure, unconditional, and sober discipline. Jocko [...]

A Navy Seal On Finding Freedom2019-05-29T08:41:00-08:00

Walt Disney On “What’s Wrong With The World”


That’s me holding it down in Disney Prison, circa 2016. If you’ve ever visited Disneyland as an adult, you know this: It’s impossible to frown on the Matterhorn. You might also notice that it's [...]

Walt Disney On “What’s Wrong With The World”2019-05-29T08:41:03-08:00

How To Not Smoke Your Own Crack


In our last post, we talked about Steve Martin and the usefulness of being delusional while chasing our dreams. It's equally important, however, to never become blind to reality. Richard Feynman was a Nobel prize winning [...]

How To Not Smoke Your Own Crack2019-05-29T08:41:07-08:00

Steve Martin’s Delusions of Grandeur


Before Steve Martin became an international sensation, he spent 20 years floundering in tiny clubs.There were ten years of learning and another ten years of mediocre results until he reached the critical mass that would propel him [...]

Steve Martin’s Delusions of Grandeur2019-05-29T08:41:11-08:00

John Muir And The Stoics Take A Nature Walk


Few men have captured the magnificence of nature through the written word like explorer and preservationist, John Muir. It was during his first trip to Alaska in 1879 that he stumbled upon Glacier Bay and was [...]

John Muir And The Stoics Take A Nature Walk2019-05-29T08:41:19-08:00